U.S. Employers MUST post
    the new NLRA notice

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What you need to know about labor law compliance

OSHA... Minimum Wage... Equal Employment Opportunity... Knowing what government posters you are required to have can be confusing. As an employer, you should be aware that:
  • All U.S. businesses that have at least one paid employee are required to display the most current federal and state postings.
  • If you have more than one business location, you need to have posters at each location.
  • Postings must be displayed in public areas where both applicants and employees can view them.
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Keeping Current with State and Federal Changes

Federal law requires employers to post six separate employee notices. State laws require multiple employee postings and, depending on the state where the business operates, this could mean posting up to 11 additional postings per state (for a total of 17 state and federal postings at each posting site). There is not a "one-stop" government resource for posting compliance.

The postings change frequently, but the government typically does not notify businesses when changes occur. Since 2005, there have been approximately 150 federal/state posting changes each year, and about 50% of the changes are considered "mandatory" by law - requiring either new postings or replacement of outdated ones1.

Penalties and Risks of Non-Compliance

Penalties for noncompliance are steep, with potential fines in excess of $17,0002 for failure to post federally required information. Further, lawsuits can be tolled based on failing to display mandatory notices. Tolling, the extension of the statute of limitation for failing to post, can cause an employer to spend up to $250,000 in legal fees defending a case that otherwise would not even exist3. Employee and labor issues are top reasons for lawsuits against business4.
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Compliance Document Services makes it easy for you to remain in labor law poster compliance. We can provide your business with all of the federal and state employment posters you need for an affordable price and free shipping. We can provide you with a federal minimum wage poster, Equal Employment Opportunity poster, OSHA compliance posters, and any other US Department of Labor Posters you may need.

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Without the right labor law compliance posters, your company may be subject to substantial fines. To avoid these fines, it is mandatory that you have updated federal employment posters clearly visible on your worksite. With our labor law poster service, you will receive a $17,000 guarantee that protects you from any fines! Our poster service not only protects you from fines, but also alerts you of any changes to the law as well as providing you with updated posters automatically. Take advantage of our easy and simple service available throughout Illinois, Georgia, Texas, California, North Carolina, New York, Florida, Washington State and Ohio, as well as the entire United States. For more information, call us at 1(888) 815-8848 today!